A' Design Award Competiton 2016

Unveiling the mystique of ancient beliefs, design inspiration from revered
sacred bowls believed to possess healing powers, cherished by those who lived
during the Ottoman Empire. Its original counterpart resides within the Topkapı
Palace, featuring enigmatic engraved codes.

This extraordinary design showcases the sacred inscriptions of Allah's 99

Timeless allure of the Sacred Bowl Ring, a remarkable fusion of history and


A' Design Award Competiton 2017

Drawing inspiration from the iconic Megaron, the first house plan in
architectural history, the Megaron Ring captures the essence of a gathering
place for families. With its four walls, a doorway, and a central hearth where
meals were prepared and warmth was shared, this design pays homage to the
origins of home.

Experience the symbolism and beauty of the Megaron Ring, a timeless
representation of togetherness and the heart of a home.


Award Competition 2018

Indulge in the enchanting world
of the Parrot Ring, a stunning creation that has garnered well-deserved
acclaim. With its captivating geometric shape and a burst of vibrant colors,
this extraordinary ring showcases meticulous craftsmanship infused with the
timeless beauty of the golden ratio.

Embracing the unique megaron
shape, it evokes a sense of awe and wonder.

Allow yourself to be captivated
by the sheer artistry of this mesmerizing creation, inspiring admiration and
wonder at every glance.


A'Design Award Competiton 2016

Experience the enchantment of
the Talismanic Shirt-inspired necklace, reminiscent of the protective garments
worn by the Ottoman Sultans.

These shirts were adorned with
handwritten symbols, shrouded in mystery and still awaiting their secrets to be

The original talismanic shirts
are proudly displayed in the Treasury Department of the Topkapı Palace.

Immerse yourself in the
captivating allure of this symbolic masterpiece, embodying the essence of both
prestige and protection.

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